All Change at

January 17, 2017 Sean Catt

Yes it’s all change at
The new website is finally up and running and looking pretty damn fine, even if I say so myself. I’m particularly pleased with the new signature logo, which you’ll find gracing all my social media accounts.

Sean Catt signature logo for

Yes I have branding! I’m feeling so corporate.

In fact this is the Mk2 version of the website. The first version was tragically lost during transfer to a new hosting company. Don’t ask. Suffice to say I lost around 30 hours work!

After several hours of the tech support guys at EUKhost struggling to get it to work we had to admit defeat (thanks guys, really appreciate all the effort). Yes, depressed and frustrated with the realization that I needed to start over I had a little cry.

But hey ho… Here is the latest and greatest revision and I think it’s better and shinier than ever, and yes the site now has a SSL certificate (that’s the https: bit) in readiness for an online store at some later date.
So please, have a look around and message me, tell me what you think. Not everything is finished as I write this, but it’s 75% complete and should be all done in a few more days.

So today I learnt that if at first you don’t succeed, keep sodding trying until you do.


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