Technical Authoring


As well as being a fiction writer I am also a Technical Author with a strong background in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked with clients in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Semiconductor/P.V industries to name but a few.
Nowadays I tend to concentrate on producing anything from single sided instruction sheets, through full color technical brochures, and 300 page+ operation & maintenance manuals for SME's who may not be able to justify employing a full time Technical Author.

Where I have access to the equipment I am also able to take photographs using a DSLR camera and associated photographic equipment. The photographs are then turned into either low resolution jpeg photographs for inclusion into the publication, or high resolution tiff images for use in promotional materials up to A3 (or possibly larger format) in size.

Another area where companies often require help is with standardising and maintaining internal documentation and sales copy.
Over time different people come into (and leave) the company, resulting in documents that are mismatched both in terms of layout and voice. The term voice simply means that everyone writes in their own personal style. Being a professional author I can help you build your documentation to look and sound the same, giving it a uniform and more professional look and feel.

If you would like to discuss how I might be able to help your company, please email me via the contact form