All about Sean


Hello there and welcome to my website and blog.


They say you should always write your author bio in third person, (presumably to make it look as if some copywriter in the publisher's office who has never heard of you, let alone met you wrote it, thus supposedly making it appear more professional). As I know me better than anyone else, I'll be doing the storytelling thank you very much. Though I suspect my Auntie Doris could likely tell you a thing or two about me, if you let her. But I wouldn't take any notice of anything she says if I was you, it's the gin you know.


Like it says at the top my name's Sean Catt and I am a freelance writer based in the South East of England near Brighton. Though I am sad to say not right on the coast, so no sea views from the study window. Though should sea levels rise sufficiently I'll probably be able to build a jetty on my driveway and buy a boat to go shopping in.
My main writing passions are fantasy/paranormal fiction and anthropomorphic fiction. Then late at night, while the dust bunnies under the bed are busy sharpening their fangs, I dim the lights and write horror and other short story creepiness.
During daylight hours I turn serious and freelance as a Technical Author writing operation & maintenance manuals, leaflets and brochures for big lumps of production equipment. At the moment that pays the bills (if you're interested in that side of my writing please drop me a line).
Yes, you guessed it, I'm just another poor, starving writer...
I'm a member of the British Fantasy Society (nice people), and very pleased to have been Vice Chair for the New Eastbourne Writers group for three years and one of the Directors of the 2015 Eastbourne Book Festival.
When I find time I write the odd amusing (well I think they are) newspaper or magazine column. I've put a few on here should anyone want a read.

So how did I get started with this writing malarkey I hear you ask, and I shall tell you. It's another one of these things I'm meant to burden you with I'm afraid.
I have always enjoyed reading, the very first book I remember reading was the Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Trips to the local library with my mother being a weekly thing, she herself was an avid reader as well as an accomplished watercolorist. My artistic talents never developed beyond drawing stick figures I'm afraid, and the only thing I can draw are the drapes. However, I found I did enjoy writing little stories, as all kids do I guess. Unfortunately my high school English teacher was a grade 'A' a-hole, and quite likely, a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. The result being he managed to put me off reading and writing for a good many years. I did make the most of these years being a bit of a wild child I hasten to add.
After leaving university I rekindled my love affair with the written word and have read and wrote ever since, mostly short stories, but then about nine or ten years ago I started writing a novel. This like so many people's first book ended up gathering dust in a corner of a hard drive. Over the years I made several more attempts, all unsuccessful, until I found the genres that truly inspired me. The result is I have notepads and whiteboards chock full of ideas for stories. My first trilogy is almost halfway through, with the second book of the series due to be published end spring 2017.

And that's me, nothing really exciting I'm afraid. I don't wear my underpants on the outside of my tights, throw webs or guard the galaxy. I write what's buried in the deeper recesses  of my mind, and sometimes it worries me a little what lurks in there...
Ha! Just kidding, I'm really very normal... Honest


Peace...  🙂