However, cougar shapeshifter Jake Palmer has just the one, and he doesn’t intend to go down without a fight. In the second book of the Between States series, author Sean Catt once again hauls us out of our cosy, familiar world, and pulls us down into the dark, shadowy world inhabited by shapeshifters. In a hail of deadly gunfire, Jake is snatched by a crooked bio-tech company willing to go to any lengths in their quest to create hybrid human soldiers using shapeshifter DNA. Held captive in an underground research facility along with a violent hybrid test subject that only knows to kill, Jake realizes he has to break out, as it becomes obvious his usefulness to the company is limited.

There’s just one problem though… Can he stay alive long enough to find a way out?

What readers have said about the first book in the Between States series

Where does it lead...
Great story.....something different. Love the two main characters...so different but they work so well together. . . Need to know what happens next for the "boys". I'm hooked xx

Dark and powerful
Loved it! A well written, dark and powerful book. Has you gripped from start to finish and wanting more. Roll on the next book!!

Excellent paranormal debut novel in a class of its own
. . . For those who don't think they like the paranormal genre, this book is the game changer. Read it. You will not want to put it down...it raises questions, keeps you guessing and hooks you from the first encounter with Jake. This book is outstanding for a debut novel, beautifully written and excellent storyline and please, please let there be a sequel...or a film...or better, both.

Great book from start to finish
Could not put it down. Great story and brilliantly written. Would recommend to every to read it.
Looking forward to the sequel.

Five stars
I was gripped from the first page. Dark and powerful. A thrilling read.


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