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March 6, 2017

Writing Tips #1 Order of Adjectives

I thought I would start posting up a writing tip every couple of weeks. Most of these I have either been taught at school, college or university, picked up from tutorials and books, or simply found trawling the shadowy depths of the interwebs. But they are all useful, and things I use all the time in my writing.
So without further ado, here is Tip #1


Order of Adjectives

When we put more than one adjective into a sentence in order to modify a noun, we instinctively put the adjectives in a specific order in sentences to avoid the sentence sounding odd and clunky to us.

This means that the big, red rocket’ sounds so much better than the red, big rocket’.

When we put more than one adjective before a noun, the adjectives are normally (but not always) placed in a particular order as shown below, this is called the ‘Order of Adjectives’.

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February 26, 2017

Free Writers Resources

I have started to add some free writers resources on the site.
Just click on the Media menu and go to ‘Downloads’.
At the moment I have uploaded:
Male and Female name lists,
a character reference sheet to help you build up your character’s backgrounds (don’t forget to do a family tree for your main characters) and,
a British English to American English comparison dictionary.

Please feel free to modify to suit your own needs.
It would be great if you could let me know of any missing comparisons in the UK-USA Dictionary so I can add them to mine. 🙂

I will be adding more useful resources for writers as and when I get time.


The download icon shows the type of file:


PDF download icon Adobe Acrobat file
MS Word icon MS Word or Open Document file


Everything in the downloads area is free for you to use and modify.
In line with the Creative Commons license, I would simply ask that if you redistribute anything, you acknowledge where you obtained the original resource material from (with a link to my website), and not claim it as your own.


February 14, 2017

Are Nokia set to relaunch the 3310?

I know this isn’t strictly writing related, but what the heck…

Remember these?

Nokia 3310 cell phone

So, hands up all those who owned one of the beauties.

Minion with hand in the air

Yes well you, me and 126 million other people my little friend.

So why the sudden interest in a 17 year old phone?
Well if the rumors are true, it would seem that Nokia are planning to relaunch the 3310 towards the end of this year.
Yep! That’s right!
The good old 3310 could be making a comeback!

Out of all the cell phones ever made, this is probably the only phone to have achieved true cult status. And all down to the little phone’s ability to survive being dropped onto concrete, having beer thrown over it, and all sorts of other mishaps that would leave most smart phones a mass of very expensive shattered glass and plastic.

Okay, so you won’t be able to get emails, surf the web, tweet, swipe right (or left) on a host of dating apps, or play a myriad on games on it. However you get that legendary invulnerability, the ability to call and text, a battery that lasts a week between charges, and of course you get Snake!

The pundits seem to reckon it will cost around £50, $62.
Or maybe you still have one tucked away at the back of a drawer somewhere?
If so, maybe it’s time to dig it out and enjoy a little less connectivity occasionally.

February 12, 2017

New Eastbourne Writers go virtual

Looking forward, the committee of New Eastbourne Writers drew the conclusion that the world is changing and the pace of life isn’t always as slow as many of us may like. As a consequence, finding time to dash out to an evening writer’s group meeting can often prove difficult. Then there’s having to find a parking space, (or needing to catch a bus), the British weather, forgetting your notebook, you get the idea.

So after a lot of deliberation, the committee took the decision to cease hosting physical meetings, and instead they have created Virtual NEW EASTBOURNE WRITERS  which launches soon!

New Eastbourne Writers website

This new incarnation of the writer’s group isn’t to be something as simple as an online presence. The idea is to make those occasions when people do meet up even more of a social event than it was. The committee had always been made aware by members that they regarded as key that the group not be another overly formal, or cliquey writers group.

To quote the NEW website:

‘The good news is that there is no longer a membership fee to be a member of NEW, if you can click a mouse, or swipe a screen, you have automatic membership to connect with other writers and discover all about the writing community in Eastbourne.

We will be changing the website to provide you all with links, information, and competitions. We will also be sharing links to local authors websites, and literary events.

So if you’re in or near the Eastbourne area, we will endeavour to provide you with all the links you could ever need, together with a hit of your favourite beverage and a chat with local aspiring writers.’

I am also very pleased to announce my continued involvement with the group and this exciting project. I’m sure that in its new guise, the group will continue to provide inspiration and support to not just ex-members but to all writers in the local area (and beyond).

For more news check out their website by clicking on the image above or here:
Updates will be featured regularly on this site too.

February 6, 2017

A little help writing and editing

Okay, so just a quick post today of something I’ve been meaning to post here for a good while now.

Having a brain like a sieve, I often have problems remembering the number of the chapter I’m working on the next day. Yes I could write it down but I thought of this as a cool little way of jogging my memory.

sean catt dice

Bought the two dice for £1 (US $1.25) from a local card game store.
Now I know that there isn’t a zero on either of the dice, so I just change the right hand die to 1 and turn it through 90 degrees. Ta-Da!