Free Writers Resources

February 26, 2017 Sean Catt

I have started to add some free writers resources on the site.
Just click on the Media menu and go to ‘Downloads’.
At the moment I have uploaded:
Male and Female name lists,
a character reference sheet to help you build up your character’s backgrounds (don’t forget to do a family tree for your main characters) and,
a British English to American English comparison dictionary.

Please feel free to modify to suit your own needs.
It would be great if you could let me know of any missing comparisons in the UK-USA Dictionary so I can add them to mine. 🙂

I will be adding more useful resources for writers as and when I get time.


The download icon shows the type of file:


PDF download icon Adobe Acrobat file
MS Word icon MS Word or Open Document file


Everything in the downloads area is free for you to use and modify.
In line with the Creative Commons license, I would simply ask that if you redistribute anything, you acknowledge where you obtained the original resource material from (with a link to my website), and not claim it as your own.