Are Nokia set to relaunch the 3310?

February 14, 2017 Sean Catt

I know this isn’t strictly writing related, but what the heck…

Remember these?

Nokia 3310 cell phone

So, hands up all those who owned one of the beauties.

Minion with hand in the air

Yes well you, me and 126 million other people my little friend.

So why the sudden interest in a 17 year old phone?
Well if the rumors are true, it would seem that Nokia are planning to relaunch the 3310 towards the end of this year.
Yep! That’s right!
The good old 3310 could be making a comeback!

Out of all the cell phones ever made, this is probably the only phone to have achieved true cult status. And all down to the little phone’s ability to survive being dropped onto concrete, having beer thrown over it, and all sorts of other mishaps that would leave most smart phones a mass of very expensive shattered glass and plastic.

Okay, so you won’t be able to get emails, surf the web, tweet, swipe right (or left) on a host of dating apps, or play a myriad on games on it. However you get that legendary invulnerability, the ability to call and text, a battery that lasts a week between charges, and of course you get Snake!

The pundits seem to reckon it will cost around £50, $62.
Or maybe you still have one tucked away at the back of a drawer somewhere?
If so, maybe it’s time to dig it out and enjoy a little less connectivity occasionally.