A Soft Murmur

January 29, 2017 Sean Catt

Yes I know, I should be writing not surfing the interwebs but I have just found an awesome little website, so that’s my diversion this evening fully justified I believe. 😉

As writers we all know that there are times when having a little background noise or music on while writing or thinking about your story helps the creative juices flow.

http://asoftmurmur.com is a web and an Android app developed by Gabriel Martin that provides ten ambient background noises such as: rain, wind, fire, thunder, coffee shop, etc.
a soft murmer
It has to be said that overall the sounds are pretty good, though the wind sounds more like white noise which is unfortunate as I love the sound of the wind blowing outside on a stormy night. The app has a timer that you can set to start and stop the noises, useful if you want something smoothing to lull you to sleep.
Overall though a handy site to have in your bookmarks. According to the website an iOS version is in the pipeline.
Edit: I have used the ‘thunderstorm’ sound the past few nights when I’ve woken during the night (yes, I have the world’s crappiest sleep patterns) and found it really helps me drift off to sleep again. So big thumbs up from me!