Mr Catt

January 21, 2017 Sean Catt

So it seems there’s even a game of me now! Whilst surfing the web the other day I came across ‘Mr Catt’ an app game for Android and iPhone.
Mr Catt game


‘In this new puzzle game, they’re trying to weave in a charming story about loneliness, space, and cats. The game plays out in two beats: a story sequence, then a series of puzzles. In the story sequence, you will witness the journey of Mr. Catt, searching the vast universe for the White Cat, who left under mysterious circumstances.’ extract from haogamers review.
Made by 7QUARK Games, it’s available free in Google Play & in Apple App Store.

And yes I have started playing it. The graphics are gorgeous and cute (have to love the cat’s head making the M in Mr!, even the music is a big step up from the normal dirge a lot of games have.

The Haogamers review is here if you are interested.